Liz Vicious

Welcome to my site!
My name is Liz Vicious, and I'm very glad you've found my site! I'm 19 years old, and I guess the best description of me is a goth girl gone bad!

I'm easily excited and full of life, and open in every aspect of my life, including my sexuality.. I know it sounds cliche, but I really do get turned on by being able to share all my intimate experiences with you guys!

For all you guys & girls who like goth girls, you won't be disappointed! I really live the life.. (it's true I sleep most of the day!!).. and I love all sorts of dark and naughty things - from dark comedies to Tim Burton style horror, to getting tied up and given a good spanking!

I've got ALL my photo sets and videos online for you to discover, and I just know you'll love them all.. I can't wait to meet you in my member's area!!
xoxo Liz Vicious
Liz Vicious

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