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Archive for September, 2005

Im back from Hurrican Rita Evac

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Back from the hurricane Rita evacuation! We had to evacuate Houston and go up to Austin for a few days, so sorry for the break in activity But now I’m back home where the stars at night are big and bright… Deep in the heart of Houston! Back and ready to get back to work [...]

Wrong side of the tracks

Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Ok so I just got back from doing this last minute photoset on the train tracks in total darkness! It was kinda scary because there was some hobo or someone watching us about 20 yards away in the bushes! Good thing I had my knife on me! Read more of Jayden’s blog on Divinity18 here…

Jayden meets Andi Pink at Internext

Friday, September 16th, 2005

I met Andi Pink in Florida while we were at Internext and she was totally cool. I used to think that most internet “models” were just wannabe porn stars and were stuck on themselves, but Andi Pink‘s just like me. We’re just normal girls you’d see at your school, at the mall, or maybe at [...]

Had a long busy yesterday!lol

Friday, September 9th, 2005
Raven Riley
Hello there, well thought i would stop in since yesterday i wasnt home, well i didnt get home till 1 this morning and then got up early as hell , and the reason for this is because im shooting today with one of my friends, misty;) I cant wait to shoot with her. I have alot of good ideas for us to do and bought some cute little outfits. So yesterday i was busy shooting all day and goin out in the woods and what not having a good old time.lol And then when i left there i went to a football game, which i had soo much fun at. But the funny thing is i had one of my fans there;) He approached me and asked… Are u raven? I laughed and said yes. He was like are u serious! i said yes. He was shocked to see me. But i dont know why. hehe but i had lots of fun, and well he ended up hanging out with me and my friends that went. It was funny. I really had fun being out with one of my members, u know. But after that i went out to a club and then we left early though and then i came home and past out! Now i feel like shit, i wonder why?:) Oh well hopefully the shoot today with misty will help me feel better;) hehe So i guess im going to get off here and get ready since she will be here in like an hour! Wish me luck and cant wait for u to see my pics;) kisses

Black and white artistic pictures of Jayden

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

These are just some really hot artistic black and white pictures cheezy and I decided to do. I love b&w pics since they add an extra… um. layer of sophistication to a shoot. It adds a certain beauty. Enjoy and remember there are LOTS more pictures from this set in my members area of Divinity18 [...]

Im saying my good byes for a week:(

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
Raven Riley
hello there i thought i would tell you that im leaving in the morning and well i thought i would write u and tell u that and also i did some hot shoots with misty and cant wait for u guys to see them!!! hehe Ok so i have to pack, its 10 and well i leave at 6 in the morning and i hope u all will miss me lots and im kinda scared to get on that plane but i should be fine. Just pray for me:) hehe Ok well i gottsa go k. Luv ya and kisses , see ya next sunday at my show;)